This is the inaugural post to our new blog, Dissecting Public Science.  As articulated more comprehensively in the Mission statement, our goal is to open an ongoing conversation about how the process of science is represented, or misrepresented, in the public media, by science writers, science journalists, and scientists.  Regular posts will touch on a variety of topics concerning public science, including currently hot topics such as climate change, the Higgs boson, science vs. religion, childhood vaccines, GMO’s, the self-correcting nature of science, evolution, scientific fraud and free will.  We invite you to join the conversation with comments contributed to specific posts.  We also encourage you to suggest ideas for new posts by entering comments under Just Ask.  This blog is particularly intended for science students and educated non-scientists, but we welcome all who are interested in discussing the nature of science, including science writers, science journalists, and scientists.


About Tom Schoenfeld

I am an olfactory neurobiologist who practices his science at Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA, in the Department of Biology and Chemistry. I have created "dissectingpublicscience.com" to help educate both my science students and the interested non-scientist about the process of science, by focusing discussions on how science is presented and misrepresented in the public media.
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